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Decorate your home with stunning fair trade, hand made creations. Eclectic and trendy designs to make your living space and garden areas beautiful.

We present a variety of items including amazing, hand made wall decor and mirrors; wind chimes and bird feeders; a wonderful collection of serving platters and dishes made from recycled glass and reclaimed wood; and many more unique and popular items.

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Blue and Turquoise Wine Glass
These glasses are exquisitely made in central-Mexico. They have a beautiful blue and turquoise artistic design, and every glass is slightly unique. These are sold in pairs, and they are durable and dishwasher safe. An ideal wedding or house-warming gift. ..
Chiminea Round
This great chimnea was made by artisans in Mexico using methods passed down from as far back as the 16th century. The clay in Mexico is in abundance so the artisans have developed great talent and skill designing unique and wonderful works. The clay they ..
Cobalt Rock Glass
These vibrant rock glasses were skillfully made by amazingly talented artisans in Mexico. They are a beautiful cobalt blue colour. They are durable, dishwasher safe and perfect for cold drinks. ..
Cobalt Water Jug
This beautiful light blue jug is made by artisans in Mexico. Ideal for juice or water, and dishwasher safe. Placing this at the table will add a splash of colour. Wine glasses and water glasses are also available in this eye-catching  colou..
Cobalt Wine Glass
These beautiful glasses have a stunning cobalt blue colour. They were carefully made by amazingly talented artisans in Mexico. They are a fantastic conversation piece and would grace any dining table. A great wedding gift idea.  Buy more and save more whi..
Confetti Margarita Glass (Sold as Pair)
These stunning margarita glasses were made from recycled glass. Skilled artisans make them in Mexico and they are dishwasher safe. A true eye-catching piece that looks beautiful when the light catches the confetti glass. A conversation starter, this fair trade..
Confetti Wine Glass
These stunning wine glasses are exceptionally eye-catching. The different colours in the glass look amazing when the light shines through them. They were lovingly made using recycled glass by artisans in Central Mexico. These would be an ideal w..
Flat Recycled Glass Bottle
These bottles are fantastic. They are vibrant and colourful, and made from recycled glass by talented artisans in Central Mexico. They can be used for water, wine, oil, winegar or anything you like.  Definitely an ideal home decor piece that would brighte..
Glass Hanging Spheres
These beautiful hanging glass spheres are perfect to use as decoration around Christmas time or throughout the year, to add a splash of colour to any room in your home. Made by fine Mexican artisans, there are 5 colours to choose from. ..
Hanging Hummingbird
This is three dimensional steel wall art made in Mexico. It has wonderful vibrant colours and features a beautiful hummingbird with yellow flowers . An ideal house warming gift. ..
Maple Tree Wall Hanging
This is beautiful, three dimensional steel art made in Mexico. It has wonderful vibrant colours that will brighten up any room in the house. A great house warming gift. ..
Mirror with Stand
This elegant mirror was hand made from tin, and crafted beautifully by artisans in central Mexico. The artisans carefully tap the design into the tin, which comes from a traditional method that has been passed down through generations. This mirror co..

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